Friday, June 12, 2009

Who took my day?

Ok so this morning was another day. Grand plans were formulated in the depths of my brain. I was going to get so much accomplished. Countless pages would be written, the house would be scrubbed from top to bottom, dishes might get put away.

Well now it is after 1 P.M. and I've typed all of four sentences, made the bed, and fed the cats. Oh and took a shower, can't forget that. So much for grand plans. In just over an hour I have to head out and pick up Alex (my most lovable step daughter) from school, and then my husband will be getting ready to come home, and then the day is over. My grand plans shattered like so many broken dishes. (hey it's easier then putting them away)

So where did my day go? Who stole it?

I suppose no one did, it was forfit from the time I rose from bed. I had planned too much and as a result none of it got accomplished. While there is still time to salvage some of the day, there is no getting back on track for that which has passed. No being Super Woman for the day, flying about the house with the speed of a million wives/mothers. I have to accept I am but a mere mortal, unable to see all my lofty plans come to fruition the moment I realize that they are in fact plans. I have no magic wand. (although that would be really friggin cool)

Maybe tomorrow I should set slightly more realistic goals. Entertain some friends, maybe write a few paragraphs if I have some free time, at the very least maybe edit a few that I have already written, go see the play Zach (my super cool stepson) is directing. Nothing superhuman, nothing beyond the realm of possibility. Who knows maybe I'll even get it all done.

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