Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It occurs to me as I sit here typing, I should be working on one of the numerous projects in which I have half started…or yet to start. Yet, here I am typing away, as my brain and body both submit that I have neither the energy nor the ambition to get anything real accomplished today.

A great deal has happened in the year (ok maybe a bit longer) since my last blog. One child has gone off to college, another now in her junior year of high of high school and diligently planning her escape into college life, a new house, a new job, all in all nearly every aspect of my life changed in some small manner. In general life is on the upswing. Today though, I give myself pause to feel ambivalent to it all. I’m not sad, I’m not happy, today I just…am.

It’s not a bad way to be, every now and then that is. Sure nothing really gets accomplished; it’s all still waiting for tomorrow.

But sometimes, just sometimes we all get to have an “Anh” day. Happy and sad will wait for us, they always do, just around the bend like two faithful hounds.